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Top 4 Reasons Why Fax Machines Still Rock

Posted by Wholesale Copier Parts on 11/8/2015
In this modern age and time, many would think that fax machines would become obsolete. On the contrary, despite the new available technologies at present, these machines continue to proliferate and provide reliable use in offices. Fax machines still rock! 

A lot of newer models have integrated added features that are utilized in sync with the Internet and other digital practices. However, this is still not reason enough for fax machines to remain alive and kicking. After all, there are plenty of other alternatives that can be employed without using such equipment anymore. 

So why do numerous offices continue to make use of fax machines today? Here are the top 4 reasons: 

Easy and convenient transfer of documents 

Even in this digital era, there are still a lot of offices that make use of physical files and hard copies of documents. Most of the time, these papers don't have digital versions. Hence, it is easier and more convenient to transfer actual records or send documents through the fax machine rather than take the time to scan them first and send through email. 

In addition, numerous people in the business world continue to show appreciation for the fax machine's traceability. When documents are sent, a notification is given to the sender to show success or failure of delivery. Copies of inbound and outbound faxes are also saved and logged. 

When you send a fax, you are also instantly assured of delivery because you get the notification. In comparison, emails will not give this assurance. 

Security and legal considerations

Plenty of businesses consider fax machines more secure than the Internet. Interceptions can immediately be detected while the transfer is being processed. Since the system utilizes direct communication from one point to another, it's therefore easier to keep documents safe from third parties. But with the popularity and easy accessibility of the Internet, emails may get lost and online transactions can be intercepted. 

Also take note that a lot of legal courts accept faxed documents and records more than emailed ones. This is because the former is considered more secure and accurate. There's hardly any chance of making changes during the process. Digital signatures that accompany faxes through fax software are also more legally binding than e-signatures. 

Straightforward operation

Fax machines have been around for a very long time, which is why you can expect more employees to be familiar with them. These days, there are still several older office workers who find it difficult to operate computers and would rather use the fax machine for transfer of documents, photocopying, and the like. This machine is simpler and more straightforward. It's not wasted equipment because its functions are common and it can be integrated with photocopying and printing capabilities, which are also essential and common in any office. 

International acceptance

Because fax machines are popular and established, they are also accepted internationally. The fax protocol is worldwide, and will therefore enable you to transact smoothly on a global scale as necessary in your business operations. 

Indeed fax machines remain steadfast in the corporate world and are viewed as very important and useful equipment. And because of this, it's also crucial to keep them in tiptop condition at all times so as not to cause any delay or problem in daily operations. 

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