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Securing Data in Your Multi-Function Office Copiers and Printers

Posted by Wholesale Copier Parts on 2/7/2015
Office copiers are multifunctional additions inside office environments that can print and generate multiple copies of paper documents. These are the go-to machines for almost every department inside the organization that requires a steady supply of paper documents for administrative, communications or training purposes. While these are highly reliable and dependable office equipment, owning and maintaining multi-function copiers can also pose security and privacy challenges. Modern and newly-issued copiers may have a feature that allows storage of documents and images, thus opening up a number of security concerns and possibilities. So is your office copiers equipped with this feature? Whether or not it has the feature to store and send information, its critical for every business to exercise caution when using the copiers. 

Prepare copiers before actual use 

Newly-purchased copiers should be configured first before its introduction in the work areas. If possible, copiers should be configured so that data and other information should be encrypted. Also, it would be best to add a complex set of passwords in the copiers and these passwords should only be given to pre-selected and authorized employees. Adding a log book near the copier can also help in tracking the user at specified time and for what purpose. 

Limit access to office copiers 

Think about the number of employees who have access to the office copiers. If you can’t monitor the employees using the copiers for document reproduction, then it’s about time the office restricts access. Try to identify the employees who will be given access to the copiers. This can be done by setting up passwords for the copiers. By limiting access to pre-selected employees, it will be easier to track who last use the copier and promote accountability. Of course, other individuals may be authorized to access the copiers when there’s a need to replace copier toners, ink or other copier parts. 

Secure data even before replacing or disposing copiers 

When it’s time to dispose the copier to pave the way for new acquisitions, it’s best to securely wipe out all the information contained in the hard drive. If the copiers’ hard drives are removable, simply remove the hard drives and securely destroy that information and snap shots generated throughout its service life. 

These basic preparations can go a long way in securing corporate date and information that gets stored in the hard drives of copiers. Others may think that these steps are unnecessary, or worse, still unaware of the risks but now is the right time to act and protect office copiers.